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  Blue Goose Naturals Foot Scrubbie
Our Our oatmeal-honey Goat Milk Soap is made using fresh-from-the-farm goat milk.  Natural Shea butter and olive oil make it a perfect choice for dry skin.   Many of our customers who suffer from psoriasis and eczema tell us they can’t live without it.

generous 4 ounce bar

Price: $3.00  Sale price $2.50

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  Blue Goose Naturals Goat Milk Lotion and Aloe & Shea

A glove of protection is what customers say you’ll feel with this hand/body cream.  Gentle enough for your face, you’ll enjoy the wonderful benefits of goat milk and great fragrances of Sweet Lavender, Vanilla, Coconut Cream and Honey! Also Aloe and Shea fragrances are Amberberry, Pink Grapefruit and Vanilla.

4 ounce bottle.


Price: $5.50  Sale price $4.50