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Jane's Specials Store
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Seasonal Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers/Plants/Herbs
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End of Season Boxes

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  Pears- Asian (1 quart)
Very sweet, crisp and juicy fruit.

Price $5.00 

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  Potatoes- New Red (quart)

First new red potatoes in one quart.

Price: $3.50  Sale price $3.00

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  Potatoes- red potatoes 1/2 bushel
These red potatoes are meduim to large to keep for this fall and winter in storage.

Price $15.00 

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  Potatoes- White (quart)

Price: $3.50  Sale price $3.00

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  Potatoes- white potatoes (1/2 bushel)

These are large to meduim potoatoes for storing. Keep in cool dry place.

Price $15.00 

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  Potatoes- Yukon Gold (quart) NEW

Price $3.50 

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  Pumpkin- (for pie baking)
sweet pumpkin flavor- used for cooking and baking

Price: $3.50  Sale price $2.50

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  Pumpkins- small/ decorative- bag of 6 assorted

Price: $6.00  Sale price $4.00

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Can be used the same as onions.  Has a mild onion flavor. Great taste.

Price $1.00 

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  Spinach - fresh cut (bagged)

Price $5.00 

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  Squash MEDLEY (12 assorted)

A winter squash mix of:
2 green acorn, 2 butternut, 2 carnival acorn, 2 Delicata squash, 3 white acorn and 2 spaghetti. Please note: Substitutions may occur.
Stock up for the cold winter months!
Store in a cool, dry place.

Price $18.00 

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  Squash- Butternut Lg

Price $3.00 

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